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The physicians and highly trained staff of Nephrology Associates are experienced with the latest technology and procedures available. We are committed to applying this knowledge and understanding to fully support and respond to the needs of our patients. We constantly work to create an environment that is mutually respectful to a person’s needs while striving to reach a positive outcome. Below you will find a list of disease states and procedures we address everyday.

Acute Kidney Failure Our physicians are skilled at determining the cause of acute kidney failure. Treatment is available in the office and at local hospitals.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring For patients with difficult or white coat hypertension, 24 hour blood pressure monitoring can be helpful in problem-solving and in optimizing medications. This service is offered by request from any health care provider.

Anemia of Kidney Disease We offer treatment with erythrocyte stimulating agents in the office or for some patients, at home. This therapy allows correction of the anemia associated with chronic kidney disease, reducing the need for blood transfusions.

Childhood Kidney Problems Our Pediatric specialist sees children of all ages for a variety of issues, including congenital kidney disease, kidney stones, high blood pressure, hematuria, proteinuria, and enuresis.

Chronic Kidney Disease We offer a full complement of services for every stage of chronic kidney disease, and will work with your primary care physician to develop optimal treatment plans that address your total health.

Diabetic Kidney Disease This is a leading cause of kidney failure. Our doctors will work with you to prevent of delay the development of kidney damage from diabetes.

Dialysis If dialysis is needed, we offer a variety of options for treatment. At Nephrology Associates of Central Maine, educating you and supporting you through this process is a top priority. Our doctors and staff will work with you so that you can make choices about the type of treatment that is best for you and your family. Choices and options include:

Hemodialysis is a therapy that replaces some kidney function by using an artificial kidney to filter waste from your blood. This requires a permanent “access”, usually in your arm, in order to reach the blood for your dialysis treatment. Treatments are usually done three times weekly. This type of treatment can be done at home with a helper or in a dialysis center by professional staff.

Outpatient Dialysis Facilities We provide care in several outpatient dialysis facilities, owned and operated by Fresenuis Medical Care (, Lewiston-Auburn Kidney Center (710 Main Street, Lewiston, ME), Androscoggin Kidney Center (Minot Avenue, Auburn ME), Kennebec Kidney Center (Civic Center Drive, Augusta, ME), Umbagog Dialysis Center (Wilton, ME), Coastal Dialysis (Congress Ave, Bath, ME), Sunrise County Center (Vanasse Rd, Eastport, ME).

Home Dialysis: Patients and their support person are trained by our competent home therapy staff, and have a choice of several options, including: Home Hemodialysis can be done during the day or during the night while you sleep. Peritoneal dialysis is a home therapy that replaces some kidney function by using a membrane in your abdomen to filter waste from your blood. It requires that a tube be placed in the abdomen. A special fluid flows into and drains from the abdomen for dialysis. The treatments can be done during the day, night, or both, and must be done every day.

Inpatient Dialysis: Both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are offered at Central Maine Medical Center ( and St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center ( where all of our doctors are on active staff.

Electrolyte Abnormalitites Kidney, metabolic and hormonal issues can cause disturbances of electrolyte balance. Evaluating and treating these disorders is a special interest of our kidney physicians.

Hypertension We specialize in individually tailored treatment for optimal control of high blood pressure.

Kidney Biopsy For diagnosis of some kidney diseases, a kidney biopsy is needed. We have many years of experience in performing this procedure, which is done at both CMMC and at St. Mary’s Hospital under direct ultrasound guidance in a safe and comfortable setting.

Kidney Stone Prevention Kidney stones can be prevented in most cases! We will lead an investigation into the causes of kidney stones, and design a specialized prevention program for each patient.

Kidney Transplant Care A full spectrum of care for before and after kidney transplant is offered. Our team includes a fellowship-trained transplant nephrologist.

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